A Tiny Hummingbird With a Beak Longer Than Its Body

A lilting clip from the series Planet Earth II features the amazing sword-billed hummingbird, a petite bird with a giant beak longer than its body. In fact, the beak may be the largest in the world (in relation to overall body length). Narrator David Attenborough explains that these particular hummingbirds have an evolutionary advantage when it comes to feeding, although they are quite disadvantaged when it comes to personal hygiene.

A swordbill’s extraordinary beak, however, enables it to reach the places that others can’t. ….And as each long flower blooms, it gives the swordbill a fresh supply of food all to itself. But having a beak longer than your body does have its drawbacks. For a start, it’s tricky to keep it clean.

Swordfish Hummingbird