Swiftype Search, A Powerful Search Plugin For WordPress


Searching for the word “Awesome” on Laughing Squid using Swiftype

We’ve been making some small changes to the Laughing Squid blog in an effort to improve our user’s experience. One of these improvements is the addition of a powerful search tool to our right-hand sidebar, the Swiftype WordPress plugin. As you start typing out a search term, Swiftype will autocomplete a quick range of choices based on that term. Give it a try, it’s under our logo where it says “Search the Laughing Squid Archive”.

The Swiftype Search plugin replaces the standard WordPress search with a better, more relevant search engine. It also gives you detailed insight into what your users are searching for, so you know which keywords to target when customizing your search engine results. The base ranking algorithm is based on industry best-practices and provides more relevant results by default, but we also allow for any result set to be fully customized via our drag-and-drop interface for result reordering…

via Shelby DeNike

Rusty Blazenhoff
Rusty Blazenhoff