Sweepovac, An Easily Installed In-Wall Kitchen Vacuum That Automatically Sucks In Dust and Dirt

Sweepovac USA

The Sweepovac is a very clever in-wall kitchen vacuum that acts as an automatic repository for sweeping. With just a kick of the foot switch, the Sweepovac quickly inhales the dust and dirt into a hidden vacuum unit that is completely stand-alone, space saving and easily installed with just a few tools.

Sweepovac is a revolutionary kitchen vacuum that eliminates that pesky dirt-line often left behind by using a dustpan! It is easily placed in any kitchen by installing it in the bottom of the cabinets and does not require a central vac system. It’s strong suction, removes dirt in seconds and it’s sleek design allows for no loss of space. This revolutionary product is a self-contained vacuum for your kitchen. This is NOT a central vacuum unit, nor does it connect to a central vacuum system, so installation is easy! Sweepovac has been extremely popular throughout Europe and now it’s available in North America.



images via Sweepovac

via Contemporist