Supercut of Robert De Niro Losing His Shit in Movies

New York-based film editor Jason Bailey created a supercut video for Flavorwire of actor Robert De Niro losing his shit in movies. A full list of the films used in the supercut is available at Flavorwire.

Two-time Oscar winner (and seven-time nominee) Robert De Niro turns 70 years old tomorrow, a bit of a shock for those who still think of him as the wry young spark plug of Taxi Driver and Mean Streets. Throughout his nearly 50-year career, De Niro has distinguished himself for his dedication, immersion, and versatility — and most of all for his intensity. And since there’s nothing more enjoyable than an actor blowing his top, we sifted through over 30 De Niro pictures to put together this montage of Bobby D going off the deep end.

music by Ennio Morricone, Derek and the Dominoes