The Impending Technological Doom That Awaits Us When the Next Powerful Solar Storm Hits the Earth

In a boding episode, the narrator of RealLifeLore explains how a powerful solar storm could cause a devastatingly massive meltdown of electric grids, systems and devices around the world. The narrator first explains what causes a solar storm, the history of solar storms and what causes solar storms, before launching into the impending technological doom that awaits us all when the next one hits.

Power grids, satellites, GPS, the internet, cell phone networks and transportation systems all could be damaged or destroyed bank accounts could be totally wiped out and the stock market could be shut down for weeks or even months. Depending on the scale of the storm and the part of the earth that it hits it could do all of this damage to a particular continent or maybe even the entire planet and we’d probably only have a few hours of warning before the impending technological doom.