Subway Love, A Visual Poem About What People May Miss While Impatiently Waiting for the Train

Subway Love” by poet Max Stossel is a beautifully shot visual poem to the rush hour crowd who anxiously await for their train to arrive without ever noticing what or who is around them. Stossel got the inspiration for the film while waiting for a train himself.

I wrote this as I waited for the F train at West 4th on a day when it just WASN’T coming. It was a particularly hot and sweaty day and as the station filled up it got hotter and sweatier. Eventually I realized we were 250 people staring into a black tunnel and I started trying to make eye contact with people. Love & life’s greatest opportunities are hiding right in front of our faces… and breathing hot, disgusting air down our necks.

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Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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