Stofle, The Incredibly Clever Honey Badger Who Has Escaped Every Enclosure Made For Him

It’s been reported a number of times that honey badgers are tenacious little animals. Such is the case with Stofle, a honey badger and former domestic pet who could not be released into the wild. Instead, Stofle was brought to a sanctuary in Kruger National Park where his stubborn nature almost got him killed by a den of resident lions. Keeper Brian “knew he had to get his honey badger under control” and despite the many different designs, locks and materials Brian used, it began to appear that no enclosure would be able to cage the incredibly clever honey badger.

In the end, and at great expense, Brian had no choice but to build his own “Badger Alcatraz“. “I said ‘Stofle, the days of your escape of over pal.’ That night they called me and said, ‘Brian, Stofle’s out’ I said, ‘Impossible’ but we had trees in there and he’d climb up the trees and he’d lean over onto the wall and he was out. So we cut all of the branches out of the trees near [the wall] and left the trees in the middle. Then he dug up the rocks and he’d roll them with his back feet to the wall and he pile them high enough and then he’d get out. So we took all the rocks away. This was like a game for Stofle. Every time I’d devise some plan, it was like a game for him to work out how could he get over this.”

After all, honey badger don’t care.