Steven, An App That Automatically Shares Locations as Emoji

Steven App Steven App

Steven is an app by pushd that automatically shares locations as emoji. Since Steven doesn’t actually send out precise locations, simply images based on them, the developers consider it a “non-invasive” form of tracking that uses Wi-Fi to update. For example, Steven might update with an image of books when a user is at the library. The app also allows users to share photos.

More on the app is available via a blog post on the app’s website. Steven is currently available on iOS.

Steven works by updating your current status as an emoji icon, using auto location technology. The automatic nature of Steven makes it a great way to see what your friends are up to – without having to share exact location.

We think of Steven as a status dashboard that is always up to date. At a glance, you can see what and where your closest friends, family, colleagues are doing throughout the day, in non-invasive, fun emoticons.

Steven App Steven App

Steven App

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