The Steve Miller Band Song ‘The Joker’ Remixed to Put the Iconic ‘Wolf Whistle’ in the Song After Every Line

Web developer Matthew McVickar has quite amusingly remixed the classic Steve Miller Band song “The Joker” so that the iconic “wolf whistle” that takes place after the line “Some people call me Maurice” occurs after every line in the song itself. This little edit appears to make the song a bit more provocative than it already is.

McVickar originally created this remix in June 2020 but ran into a couple of copyright issues.

Fun fact, this “wolf whistle” was made with a guitar slide, something I never knew.

Some People Call Me Maurice

Here’s the original song.

In 2019, Miller revealed to Jimmy Fallon how he came up with the unusual lyrics of the song.

Steve Miller talks about his five-decade-spanning box set, Welcome to the Vault, sharing some trivia about how his hit “The Joker” came to be and the origin of the word “pompatus.”