Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope Dubbed Into the Navajo Language


A screening of Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope was dubbed into the Navajo language at the 38th Annual American Indian Film Festival on November 6, 2013. It was shown at the Delancey Street Theatre in San Francisco. Topless Robot writer Sherilyn Connelly was lucky enough to attend the screening. She has compiled a list of the five coolest things about the Navajo translation of Star Wars.

Other than the English language being translated into Navajo – and that was done seamlessly – nothing else about the movie has been changed: the music and sound effects are all the same, CGI Jabba still speaks Huttese, and Greedo still speaks whatever Greedo speaks, though they’re both also subtitled into Navajo at the bottom of the screen.

It was a remarkable experience, and one that’s long overdue: Star Wars is the first major motion picture to be translated into Navajo, and the producers of the translation say it will not be the last.

image via American Indian Festival

videos via Revolt1680 and Indian Country Today

via Topless Robot