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On December 14th, 2005, Microsoft’s Internet Explorer development team announced that they are going to use Firefox’s orange feed icon for Internet Explorer 7, which will support RSS feeds. This is pretty historic because Microsoft actually contacted Mozilla first, asking them what they thought about this and Mozilla was all for it. Outlook 12 will be using this feed icon as well.

Matt Brett has taken this a step further, launching Feed Icons to encourage the standardization of this new feed icon. The goal is to help eliminate the confusion created by technical terms like XML, RSS, Atom, etc. and the multitude of icons representing them, and just use the word “feed” with the new, universal feed icon. If you don’t like orange, try using a different color. Matt has various file formats that you can download and use with your website. is now happily referencing these swanky new feeds icons.

via Matt Haughey

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