Sculptor Creates an Incredibly Realistic Bust of the Late Great Stan Lee in a Four Minute Timelapse

Sculptor Steven Richter, who quite skillfully built a model of the Wicked Witch of the West out of crayons that he melted down to wax, created an incredibly realistic bust of the late, great Stan Lee (previously) while capturing smallest of details.

Lee’s iconic mustache was perfectly groomed, his head of gray hair perfectly in place, his recognizable sweater combination was neatly was donned. But this incredible likeness would not be complete without Lee’s requisite aviator sunglasses. What’s most impressive is the amount of work that was put into this piece and how it was brilliantly distilled into a fascinating four minute+ timelapse.

Timelapse sculpting a life sized bust of comic book legend, Stan “The Man” Lee.

The limited sculpture and other items are available for sale through Richter’s Etsy store.

Stan Lee Sculpture

Stan Lee Sculpture Side

Stan Lee Sculpture Back