Devoted Squirrel Visits Dog Daily Through Window

A wild squirrel named Helen adorably visits a white Labrador Retriever named Oliver through the living room window each day. According to their human Tricia Roberts, Oliver didn’t seem to care about Helen’s visits at first but slowly began looking forward to them.

I think it’s a little one-sided because sometimes Oliver will just turn around and turn his back to her and Helen still stares ….when Helen doesn’t show up for a few days Oliver will look for her. He’ll prop himself up see if he can find her. Oliver eventually realized that Helen was kind of cool. They’ve had these moments where they just seem to connect.

Wild Squirrel Visits Dog Every Day

Helen seems very devoted to Oliver and refuses to let other squirrels barge in.

Find someone who looks at you the way Helen looks at Oliver. Find someone who chases away others like Helen. Find someone who never gives up until she finds you like Helen does.

Roberts, who is a musician, wrote a song for the two of them as well.

I write a lot of songs about animals and it seemed like if anyone deserved a song it was Oliver and Helen.

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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