Scottish Sportscaster Narrates the Outdoor Hijinks of His Two Dogs to See Who Will Shame Him the Most

Scottish sportscaster Andrew Cotter (previously) hilariously narrated the outdoor hijinks of his two dogs Olive and Mabel to see which one could shame him the most. Olive stared at him blankly from a dirt path, while Mabel froze in place while sitting in a “fetid pond”.

Because Mabel is piling on the pressure here doing nothing at all and that’s the beauty of it. …We have no recognition no recall whatsoever. Just a stare that says I’m doing what I want and I have zero respect for you…

It took a while for either to respond, but eventually, Olive joined Mabel in the water and the two performed a synchronized spin.

Mabel and Olive in Fetid Pond

Mabel jumped out of the water, splashing Cotter, but still ignoring him. Cotter tried not to take it too personally and told himself to just “stare at the trees and think about getting a cat”.

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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