Soylent, A Food Replacement Made of Vitamins & Nutrients, Not People


Soylent is a science fiction-like powder food replacement created by 24-year-old software engineer Rob Rhinehart that’s made entirely of nutrients and vitamins. As an experiment, Rhinehart ate nothing but Soylent for 30 days and said his physique improved, his skin was clearer, his teeth whiter, his hair thicker, his resting heart rate lower, that he had more energy overall, and felt “like the six million dollar man.” He revealed the proportions of nutrients in his Soylent powder — which are based on FDA recommendations — in a follow-up blog post. Rhinehart created Soylent in an attempt to revolutionize food with a product that is less expensive, requires less time spent shopping, cooking, and cleaning, takes years to spoil, and is easy to transport and store globally.

After his 30-day experiment garnered widespread interest, Rhinehart launched a Crowdhoster campaign to begin mass producing Soylent — an obvious reference to the film Soylent Green, in which “Soylent Green is people!” The Crowdhoster campaign expects to ship two different versions of Soylent — one tailored to men, another to women — by August 2013, but it will only be available in the United States initially.

image via Soylent

via Motherboard