A Supercut of Characters From ‘Star Trek: The Next Generation’ Using the Phrase ‘Some Kind of…’

Ryan Powell of Ryan’s Cinematics, who previously integrated blooper footage from Star Trek: The Next Generation into the original scenes, has created another supercut from the same series, but through a different lens. Instead of using outtakes, he edited footage showing every time a character said “some kind of…” or “some sort of..” to describe an unknown object, situation or medical condition.

Every time someone on The Next Generation says some kind of phrase like ‘some kind of…’

Powell was inspired by Jon Paula, who had previously created a video with the Star Trek: Voyager series saying similar things.

A (non-chronological) supercut of every utterance of the phrase “some kind” or “some sort” on the 1990s sci-fi drama, Star Trek: Voyager.