Snoop Dogg & Kate Upton Star in Bizarre ‘Fully Baked’ Hot Pockets Ad

In a new “deliciously dreamy” music video-style ad for Hot Pockets, model Kate Upton and Snoop Dogg parody Biz Markie’s 1989 hit song “Just a Friend (You Got What I Need)” with “You Got What I Eat.” The video’s dream sequence has Kate and Snoop meeting in the clouds near “Snoop’s Sky High Bakery” which is undoubtedly where these meaty microwave sandwiches get “fully baked.” Larry King cameos as a cheese pimp. Snoop previously starred in “Pocket Like It’s Hot,” an earlier –but equally as strange– ad for Hot Pockets.

Here’s a taste of the song’s lyrics:

He be baking all day
I bake everywhere
Wanna bake with me?
Then come on in
We light up taste buds
From beginning to end
My buttery seasoning so hip
It drips
Tastes so good
Gotta lick your lips
Smell my savory garlic
but don’t disturb
The garden where I grow
flavor-fantastic-al herbs