Smartify, A Clever App That Unobtrusively Scans and Identifies Works of Art at Museums and Galleries

Smartify is a very clever smartphone app that quickly and unobtrusively identifies individual works of art hanging on the walls of participating museums and art galleries and allows the user to build a virtual art gallery of their own. The process is easy – just open the app and align the image in the frame. Similar to using the Shazam app for identifying music, the information about the painting or statue comes up effortlessly.

Discovering and sharing amazing stories behind artworks remains at the heart of our mission as a global technology company. Inside every gilt frame or Perspex box, layer upon layer or meanings exist; the method, the madness, that moment in time. Art is the only universal language, and there are centuries of stories to tell. …We know that the use of phones in museums is still controversial. So we use the latest technologies and simple design to create a non-intrusive experience.

via It’s Nice That, My Modern Met