Smartduvet Breeze, A Cleverly Designed Dual Zone Climate-Controlled Self-Making Bed

Smartduvet Breeze Self Making Bed

The Smartduvet Breeze is an a uniquely designed, lightweight sheet grid insert that is placed in between a duvet and duvet cover that not only supplies an extremely efficient self-making feature, but also offers climate control over each half of the bed. The temperature and bed-making features are controlled with a small box that fits under the bed and adjusted with a proprietary smartphone app. The company is based in Montreal, Canada and is raising funds through Indiegogo through mid-July 2017 in order to bring this clever invention to the international market.

The new Smartduvet Breeze is the world’s first dual-zone climate controlled self-making bed. The Breeze doesn’t replace your existing bed or bedding, it simply makes them better. In addition to making the bed for you, the Breeze allows you to set your preferred temperature individually for each side of the bed.

Smartphone App

Dual Zone

Make Bed


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Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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