A Cleverly Designed Skylight That Turns Into a Balcony

Roof Window That Turns Into a Balcony

French glazier Alexis Brisacier of Entreprise Brisacier shared a video demonstrating the mechanism behind the VELUX CABRIO, a custom installed skylight that quickly and easily turns into a balcony in just a few steps. Once the balcony is closed, the window sits perfectly flush with the roof.

The VELUX CABRIO balcony opens in seconds to give your loft space a place in the sun. The innovative balcony adds air, light and a great view to your home.Enjoy a balcony instantly…Bring the outside in – let in more natural daylight and fresh air…Roof window or balcony – your choice – the top half opens like a traditional roof window

Brisacier has also posted other videos showing the same window balcony transformation from different perspectives.

In 2017, redditor Damin Drexil somewhat humorously re-edited the video to show the window crashing down on the poor man’s head after he’s turned it into a balcony.

Another skylight balcony from r/Unexpected