Skydivers Create a Stunning Light Show Wearing LEDs and Pyrotechnics Shooting Out of Their Feet

Highly skilled skydivers at Skydive Spaceland Houston in Rosharon, Texas created an absolutely stunning nighttime light show using strung LEDs and fireworks that appeared to shoot out of their feet. Once the plane reached over 14,000 feet, the divers lept out into the night, setting the sky ablaze with their trailing pyrotechnic work on a warm night in June.

As they exited the plane at 14,500ft the skydivers lit up the sky in an impressive light show with over 300ft tall towers of sparks trailing behind them.

Night Skydiving Light Show

The group also performed a stunning light show in March 2020.

The video showcases several of the practice jumps which took place during the daytime, but the weather only allowed for a single night jump during the 5 nights that were planned for this event. You can tell from the visuals that it was well worth the wait for those who got to make the jump.