Sisters Create A Winter Olympics Themed Window Display Featuring Knitted Ice Dancing Squids

Ice Dancing Knitted Squids

Sisters Jill Watt and Lorna Watt have created a remarkable Winter Olympics themed window display for their favorite yarn shop, Nine Rubies in San Mateo, CA. The display features ice dancing squids, Matryoshka Nesting Doll judges and giant snowflakes, all of which have been either knitted or crocheted.

Jill and I recently started designing fiber-inspired window displays for our local yarn shop, Nine Rubies, in downtown San Mateo, California. Here is our previous knitted window display, with pom-pom Christmas tree and knit wrapping paper. Saloni, the shop owner, challenged us to a 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics window display to enliven the remainder of what little winter we get in California. As always, the challenge is to design an entirely knit window display–or at least entirely knit, crochet, and fiber-filled.

Last year we wrote about Lorna and Jill’s amazing Yarnbomb Squid Tree created from 4 miles of yarn.

Ice Dancing Knit Squid

Crocheted Gold Medals

Crocheted Nesting Doll

Olympic Window Display Sketch
images via Knits For Life

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