Sir Toby Toblerone, A Beautiful White Cat Who Lives a Charmed Life Despite Not Being Able to Walk

Toby Sniffy Flowers

Sir Toby Toblerone is a beautiful rescued white cat with a black tail who lives a very full life despite not being able to walk. Toby’s doting humans take him outside, to the park, to smell the flowers, to the store and even to the train. Of course, being a cat Toby needs a bit of shuteye. Luckily he has many places around the house to get comfy.

My name is Toby and I am a disabled cat who can’t walk but I have a fantastic home and life and want to share my adventures with you. I was rescued by a local charity after being found in someone’s garden unable to walk. I was lucky and found a foster home, but this has now become my permanent home and I have a great life. No one really knows why I can’t walk but I’m not in pain and I have a full and active life and get to go to a lot of new places.

Toby on Slide

Toby and Human in Hats

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Lori Dorn
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