Kind People Rescue a Tiny Kitten From Sewer Pipe

Eldad Hagar and Loreta Frankonyte, the wonderful people behind Hope for Paws, immediately responded to a text about a Birman kitten stranded inside a Los Angeles sewer pipe. As they were calling into the pipe, someone threw a firework at them, causing the kitten to retreat further. After spending eight hours trying to coax the kitten into their humane trap, the pair decided to resume their efforts the next day.

The last thing Loreta Frankonyte and I expected while working to rescue the little Gremlin is to have fireworks thrown at us. This was not the first time for us, so we continued as if nothing happened.

Seeing that their original tactics didn’t work, they cleverly used a compressed air dryer cleaner to gently push the kitten into the trap across the pipe and into a net that Loretta was holding on the other end. This method proved successful and didn’t hurt the kitten at all.

The first attempt took over 8 hours, and we were unsuccessful, so we returned early the following morning to finish the job with a new rescue trick that would help us save many more lives!

The kitten, who was subsequently named Gremlin, is now staying with Frankonyte and her beautiful poodle Paddington.

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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