Sesame Street Turns to Crowdfunding to Expand Their Autism Initiative With Anti-Bullying Education

The Sesame Street Yellow Feather Fund is raising money through Kickstarter for the very first time, in a noble effort to create greater understanding about autism and the increased bullying of children with autism. The funding from this campaign would go to original content specifically centered around a character named Julia ad addresses the need for anti-bullying education. Sesame Street understands that bullying can come from a place of not knowing or understanding and wants to fill that empty place with knowledge so that kids (and adults) can make healthy and respectful, educated decisions amongst one another.

We’ve mapped out a multi-step plan to address bullying as it affects the autism community – starting with an enhanced digital storybook. Drawing on an extensive body of research, we’ll create a kid-appropriate story about understanding differences using everyday activities and play. Like our other Julia storybooks, it will offer parents and caregivers a safe and accessible starting point for deeper conversations with their children.

Julia Little Girl

Grover Helping

Elmo with Child

Julia Walking

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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