Sushi Chef Prepares a Special Meal in a 3D Animated Short With a Powerful Message About Plastic Waste

Selfish Sushi

In the incredibly powerful 3D animated short “Selfish” by Chen, PoChien, a sushi chef notices a unique group of customers at the counter and sets about preparing a special meal of plastic rubbish that they’ve all become accustomed to. When the meal is served, it’s revealed that this group is made up of a seal, a turtle, and a seabird. In the background, a human is being served a beautiful tray of fish.

“Selfish” talks a story about human beings are consuming delicious seafood, but sea animals are suffering from the trash we make — not only do we eat them but also make their living environment poisonous and miserable.

Here are a couple of trailers for the film.

Chen also shared how he made the film through a series of photos on Behance.

“Selfish” is my graduate project in Computer Animation program at Sheridan College. It tells the story about when human beings consume delicious seafood, the sea animals are suffered from, are killed by the wastes we made …This project is made in Maya, Substance Painter, Zbrush, and Rendered in Redshift.

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