See’s Candies Must Pay For 9/11

guest post by Laszlo Thoth

There’s an unusual sign in the window of the former Nob Hill See’s Candies of 1519 Polk Street. Landlord, horse farmer, fountain parker, and “911 Bounty Hunter” John Jenkel explains that the San Francisco candy maker has been evicted due to their contribution to the “Enron-sponsored” 9/11 attacks. The eviction notice places the candy company in a plot involving Warren Buffet.

Sees Candies 911 Letter

Evicted See's Candies Storefront

photo by Laszlo Thoth

Confused? I was too, but I think I’ve figured it out:

See's Candies 9/11 Connection

Laszlo Thoth
Laszlo Thoth