Man Drives an Adorable School Bus Full of Dogs to the Park Everyday

Animal lover Denzell Morrison of Ruff and Puff Doggy Day Camp has a wonderful business where he drives dogs from all over Calgary, Alberta to the park in a custom school bus.

Guy fills up his school bus with dogs every day and takes them to the best school ever

Morrison picks up the dogs at home and takes them for an hour of play at a private dog park, gathers them up, gets them treats and then takes them home, all tired out and ready to sleep. The bus is fully equipped with safety in mind.

For safety we have little hookings on all the seats and all the dogs wear harnesses. We do about 10 to 14 pickups so it can take a minute but after that we go to the private dog park for an hour and play around.

The dogs look forward to their daily bus trips and their humans see the difference in the way their dogs behave at home.

They can hear the bus is coming a lot of them will wait by the window for me. …My clients always telling me that they’re so happy the dogs are on the bus they noticed that their dog is more outgoing after coming on the bus a couple times and they’re really happy to see the bus.

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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