An Ingeniously Designed Self-Balancing Power Wheelchair That Can Climb Stairs and Elevate the Seat

The Scewo BRO is an ingeniously designed power wheelchair that gives the person in the chair a wide variety of options that aren’t normally available to them. This chair not only elevates the seat for easy reach but offers such stable self-balancing features so that the chair can climb stairs.

BRO is the only one in the world to combine driving on two wheels with climbing stairs. But it is not only the technology that is unique, the distinctive design also sets the power wheelchair apart. A device that not only offers individual seating comfort, but also enables intuitive operation thanks to pioneering technology. Futuristic, aesthetic, functional. That is BRO. 

The BRO was designed by the Scewo team in Switzerland. from an idea that stemmed from engineer Bernhard Winter, who is the CEO and co-founder of Scewo. The chair was originally called the Scalevo.

In 2014, Bernhard Winter would like to graduate with the development of a robot that independently maintains its balance while driving on two wheels and can climb stairs.

The chair is currently only available in Switzerland, Germany, and Austria. 

Currently, BRO is only available in Switzerland, Germany, and Austria. Here you can reserve your BRO. Once you have made your reservation, one of our certified Scewo partners will provide you with information about BRO, offer you test rides, help you with the paperwork required by insurance companies and ensure that you receive the best possible service once you are on the road with BRO.

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Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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