Scary Pockets Perform a Funked Up Cover of the Classic Guns N’ Roses Song ‘Sweet Child O’ Mine’

Scary Pockets, a Los Angeles/San Francisco band that features Patreon co-founder Jack Conte on keyboards, performed a wonderfully funked up cover of the 1988 Guns N’Roses hit song “Sweet Child O’ Mine”. Conte, who was also one-half of the band Pomplamoose, founded Scary Pockets with high school friend and musician Ryan Lerman despite the fact they were on opposite sides of California.

Ryan and I started brainstorming about ways we could make music together, despite our geographical separation and my focus on Patreon. Then we hit an idea: what if I flew down to LA once per month, spent a single day in the studio with Ryan and a few musician buddies, and recorded four songs. We wouldn’t do any prep work — no preconceived arrangements, no pre-production, no frills. We would just walk into the studio and not even know what key we were going to record in. Sometimes we wouldn’t even have a song picked out. Let’s just spend a single day together in the studio, arrange and record four songs together, have a great time playing funk with our friends, and video the whole thing. And that was it!!