An Amusing 11.5 Foot Long Krakow Sausage That’s Rolled Up on a Wheel Like a Garden Hose

Sausage Cable Table

German online specialty food retailer Jungborn is selling an amusing 3.5 meter (11.5 feet) long Krakow style skinny sausage that is rolled up on a wheel like garden hose. This tasty Die Wurstkabeltrommel (sausage cable drum) has a shelf life of about 8 weeks and a refill salami can be purchased separately.

Discover 3.5 meter long long-life sausage of high quality. The Krakow-style recipe is particularly spicy and has a firm bite. Thanks to the funny presentation on a cable drum, this sausage is a perfect gift for every hobby craftsman and can be served on a variety of occasions.

Sausage Cable Drum