Converting a 3D Printer Into a Sandwich Making Robot

Mechanical Engineer Yuto Kuroki and an engineering team from Meiji University in Tokyo have converted a working 3D printer into a nifty sandwich making robot that slides the meat and cheese onto crustless bread and then quite cleverly saws it in half.

Regarding the sandwich app, there are many ways to see the recipe, but in the end it has to be made by humans. I made a prototype from the idea of how easy it would be if I could cook when I woke up in the morning saying “OK Google, tomorrow’s breakfast is a sandwich”. It can be reproduced accurately, so there are no mistakes.

3D Printer Sandwich Maker

This clever custom 3D printing system, known as a “Functgraph”, can perform a wide variety of tasks such as building toy cars, packing rabbit figures, and folding clothes.

(translated) In this research, we applied Functgraph to create four apps, an app for making edible sandwiches, an app for folding clothes, an app for packing and mass-producing rabbit figures, and an app for making car toys, to deepen our understanding of Functgraph.

via Boing Boing

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