San Francisco Paints Over Popular Public Graffiti Art Gallery

Warm Water Cove

Warm Water Cove

This morning San Francisco’s Department of Public Works, along with a team of volunteers from Green Connect and San Francisco Community Clean Team painted over the popular graffiti and street art at Warm Water Cove aka Toxic Tire Beach in Dogpatch near 3rd and 24th Streets. All that is left now is a dark green wall.

Dav Yaginuma, who was there when it all went down, took photos of the public art being destroyed.

As Dav notes, this location has been home to many events in the San Francisco art scene, including the La Contessa Burial at Sea earlier this year as well as legendary Popcorn Anti-Theater performances, just to name a few. Dive Bar even had their Tasting Labs event there a couple of years ago.

Here’s more coverage from SFist and SFGate.

photos by Dav Yaginuma