San Francisco Architect Designs an Elaborate Steampunk Bathroom

Steampunk Bathroom

San Francisco architect Andre Rothblatt recently created a Steampunk bathroom for his clients who live in the Ashbury Heights neighborhood of San Francisco. It’s decorated with winding, exposed copper pipes, “dark subway-style tile, and Victorian wallpaper.” According to PRWeb, Rothblatt was inspired by Rube Goldberg contraptions, “When the cord on the high water tank is pulled, water rushes down through a zigzagging copper pipe, triggering a pressure gauge as it flows.” This bathroom is currently featured in California Home + Design magazine.

“In this technological age, the retro style of steam locomotion has an appeal,” explains Rothblatt. “Modernism aims to eliminate complexities and embellishments, but steampunk aims to expose how mechanisms operate. It’s a rebellion against the idea that function should be hidden…

There’s an audible ‘whooshing’ sound…You can follow the water as it winds through the pipe.”

Steampunk Bathroom

photos via Andre Rothblatt

via Bernalwood