Stunning Drone Footage of Mont-Saint Michel in France Becoming an Island Due to Super High Tides in 2015

In January 2015, the renowned Mont-Saint Michel (previously) in Normandy, France was overcome by record high tides that swamped the surrounding sandy terrain, making the mountain and the Medieval abbey that rests upon it an island of themselves. A filmmaker with Wanaii Films captured this amazing sight in stunning, award-winning, overhead timelapse footage.

(translated) January 2015, we had some big tide in France, so it was one of the first time that the Mount was going to be an island again. …So the first morning I went there at 5 am, walk all the way to the Mount, and wait at the bottom. The water came slowly, and the Mount became again an island, it was very intense, the sun came out, few people were there, and I had a strong feeling to be privileged. I start the drone and enjoy as much as I could.

via Boing Boing