Ryan Reynolds Dresses as Deadpool to Squash Mario Lopez & the Rumors About a PG-13 Rating on the Upcoming Film

F*ck you Slater… It’s okay Jessie, Slater can’t hurt you anymore.

Ryan Reynolds recently sat down with Mario Lopez for an Extra interview about the upcoming Deadpool film adaptation. During the chat, Reynolds pulled an epic April Fools’ Day joke on viewers by dressing up as the Deadpool and squashing both Lopez and the rumor about the future Marvel-based film being rated PG-13. The R-rated film is currently scheduled to attack theaters on February 12, 2016.

Afterwards, Reynolds thanked Lopez for being a great sport with the prank and talked a bit about the new baby daughter that he and his wife Blake Lively had.

Deadpool Extra

Here is old test footage from 2010 for a Deadpool film featuring the voice of Ryan Reynolds:

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