An Elated Rooster Runs to Greet His Favorite Human When She Arrives Home on the School Bus

Frog the Rooster Schoolbus Savannah

An adorable little rooster named Frog happily greets his favorite human Savannah Lindsey when she arrives home on the school bus every day. This routine started after the Lindsey family noticed Frog’s devotion to the children of the family. From the very start, the family knew that Frog was different from other roosters.

He was more attentive and had interest in everyday things and everything my daughter did. He “hopped” like a frog more than he walked, hence why we named him Frog. …we noticed he was keeping up with the time and waiting in the front of the house. He would hear the bus and immediately take off to the end of the driveway. He would wait, for both kids, then walk them back, every day. Some days the kids don’t get off fast enough for him so he will get on the bus.