An Imaginative Girl’s ‘Tea Party’ Goes Disturbingly Off the Rails as Her Tea Set Sprouts Mouths and Fingers

Israeli artist Ronit Baranga has created “Tea Party” a disturbingly brilliant series that mashes together a traditional ceramic tea service with surreal, disembodied fingers, lips and other body parts that appear to sprout out of each cup, saucer and kettle. At the center of this crazy dance is a young girl whose tea service has gone off the rails quite rapidly, seemingly fueled by her own unrestrained imagination.

In her new solo exhibition Tea Party, Ronit Baranga’s sculptures turn into living things; wild, untamed and evocative. …It could be the fragile nature or lifelike quality of the sculptures – but something about Baranga’s works is ever vulnerable, sometimes fearsome, and always compelling.

A number of pieces from the show are available for purchase through the Beinart Gallery.

via Colossal

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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