ROFLThing, Exploring Internet Memes in San Francisco

Tron Guy

The organizers of ROFLCon, the wonderful conference on internet memes that took place at MIT in April (here are my ROFLCon photos), have been busy planning a series of smaller summer events around the US. On Friday, August 29th they will be hosting the mini-con ROFLThing at Mighty in San Francisco.

Jason Scott

A great lined-up of speakers is already starting to emerge, including Andy Baio who will be doing a talk about the Star Wars Kid, Sean O’Steen founder of Fail Whale Fan Club and Cheez, who is president of I Can Has Cheezburger? Here is the preliminary schedule for ROFLThing and registration is now open.

Dogster & Catster have signed on as ROFLThing sponsors and they are still looking for more sponsors if know of any companies or organizations that might be interested.

Yaayy! Surprise Buttsechs!

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photos by Scott Beale