ROFLCon 2008 Photos

Tron Guy

ROFLCon 2008 Program

ROFLCon 2008

ROFLCon 2008

1/31/2007 Never Forget

Diana Kimball

Leslie Hall Can Has Cheezburger?

AJ & Steve

Leeeeeeeeeroy Jenkins!

Drew Curtis & Anil Dash

ROFLCon 2008-3

Kyle MacDonald

Yaayy! Surprise Buttsechs!

m00t, Randall Munroe & Ryan North

ROFLCon 2008

MC Frontalot Dealing Blackjack

ROFLCon, a conference on popular internet memes being held at MIT in Cambridge, is now in full swing. I’ll be uploading some photos throughout the event.

ROFLCon 2008 photo gallery

I’ve also been shooting some photos of the MIT campus as I walk around Cambridge.

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photos by Scott Beale

Scott Beale
Scott Beale

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