Rod Serling Talks About Time Travel and Imaginative Storytelling in a 1963 Lost Interview

In the latest episode of the wonderfully animated lost interview series “Blank on Blank“, television legend Rod Serling opens up about the importance of imaginative storytelling and his desire to go back in time during an interview with Australian radio personality Binny Lum in 1963.

But, as I say, this is a program of imaginative storytelling, and utilizing the idea of going back in time or forward in time, this has provided considerable bases of storytelling in our particular series. I’m the kind of a guy who is now in that aging late ’30, early ’40 bracket in which, suddenly, there is a tremendous bittersweet, poignant feeling about wanting to go back to another time. In my case it would be the pre-war or early teens time, which were particularly happy for me.