Rocky Ridge Refuge in Northern Arkansas Is A Magical Place Where a Variety of Animals Are Unlikely Friends

“In rescuing animals, I have lost my mind, but found my soul.” These are the words of Janice Wolf who founded Rocky Ridge Refuge 20 years ago. Based in northern Arkansas, Rocky Ridge is a magical place that offers hope and healing to animals that need either or both. Among Janice’s animals are various breeds of dogs, cats, horses, rabbits, goats, geese, donkeys, an African Sulcata Tortoise, an amazing capybara and a friendly water buffalo, all the best of friends.

Rocky Ridge Refuge is the result of a dream I have always had to be surrounded by animals and to be a person who brought hope and healing into others lives. Approximately 50-60 animals make their home here at any given time, many are permanent residents and others are awaiting their forever home.

Because Rocky Ridge is a non-profit organization, donations are very welcome and can be made via Paypal.

One of Janice’s more unusual pets was Lurch, an Ankole Watusi steer, who became an international star, appearing regularly on American and Japanese television. Lurch also held the record for the largest known horn circumference with the Guinness Book of World records. Sadly, Lurch passed away in 2010 at age 15.

On the eve of Lurch’s death, Janice created a very touching tribute.

Janice Wolf and Barcode the Zebra

Butterbean and Bazinga

Pups and Tortoise

Cheesecake the Capybara and Puppies

Zebra and Horse

Watermelon Animals

images via Rocky Ridge Refuge