Rock Band Young Rival Creates Magic Eye-Style Music Video Using Random Dot Autostereograms

Rock band Young Rival collaborated with director Jared Raab and artist Tomasz Dysinski to create a set of eye-crossing music videos for their song “Black Is Good”. Previously we wrote about Young Rival’s collaboration with a face-painting artist for their “Two Reasons” video.

The video uses a set of random dot autostereograms, as made popular by the Magic Eye series of books from the ’90s, to give the illusion of depth to a series of 2D images.

To view autostereograms, one must simply “decouple” or defocus their eyes, tricking the brain into seeing the slight variations in the repeating pattern as depth information. All autostereograms are made to be viewed in one of two ways, using either the “crossed-eye” method or “parallel-eye” method.

via Wired Underwire