Robert Scoble Tours the Future Headquarters of Rackspace

Robert Scoble recently launched his new video series Scobleizer TV, which is part of the new FastCompany.TV. One of his recent videos features a great interview with Rackspace about how they are moving their offices and 1,400 employees into a million square-foot mall in San Antonio.

San Antonio’s RackSpace is about to take over a million-square-foot mall in a bad part of town. Why? Well, in this two part presentation, Graham Weston, chairman, Dirk Elmendorf, Chief Technology Evangelist and Founder and Lew Moorman, SVP of Strategy and Corporate Development, tell me why, give us a tour, and discuss the future plans of its business. Hear how Weston convinced 1,400 people to move after they all were against the idea.


Laughing Squid is one of the oldest customers at Rackspace, we’ve been hosting our servers at their data centers since 1999. They’ve been a really managed host, living up to their pledge of “fanatical support”. Back in 2005 I visited their offices and shot a few photos. I’m looking forward to seeing their new headquarters once they move in.