Roadtrip Mixtape, A Web App That Creates a Spotify Playlist Featuring Artists From Areas Along Your Journey

Roadtrip Mixtape

Roadtrip Mixtape is a clever app by Echo Nest developer Paul Lamere that generates a Spotify playlist of local artists to listen to while you’re on the road. Enter your departure and arrival points and the application generates a playlist of musicians from between those two spots.

Drive through Boston you might hear Aerosmith or Donna Summer. Drive through New Orleans and you might hear Lil Wayne or Dr. John.

The selections are also laid out via Google Maps with the artists clustered together as different 15-minute legs on the journey. More information on Roadtrip Mixtape, including the possibility of a mobile version, can be found in the site’s FAQ section.

Roadtrip Mixtape

images via Echo Nest

via The Presurfer