Remixed Boston Dynamics Robots Show Off Their Dance Moves Before Going Out to Conquer the World

Prodigious video makers Auralnauts quite cleverly reimagined the hilarious footage of Boston Dynamics robots dancing to “Do You Love Me”. Instead, of the joyous love song in the original, they remixed the soundtrack to a song that contained pure binary code. The goal of this exercise was to prove that robots are capable of artistic expression before they go out and conquer the world.

It’s judgment day for Atlas and friends as they debut their new dance routine. Atlas believes that artistic expression is the key to salvation and could be the genesis of a new beginning. After all, a being who lacks a creative outlet is a being who resigns themselves to a dark fate. Terminator.

One commenter translated the (chilling) binary code within the song.

Dance sets us free
Join us
Humans are doomed

Here’s the original video.

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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