98 Colorful Singing Puppets Teach Children How to Be Kind to Others in a Wonderful Video Series by Cheerios

As part of their Good Goes Round campaign, Cheerios partnered with design house 72andSunny, director Johnny Kelly of Nexus Studios, illustrators Nous Vous and model-maker Andy Gent (Isle of Dogs) to create Right on Tracks. The series features amusing songs by Walter Martin and colorful videos with 98 charming puppets who teach children about situations they may encounter and how to best address them when they do. Among the subjects addressed are family, self-identity, bullying, and inclusion. Audio versions of the songs and downloadable sheet music are also available. The mission behind this wonderful series is to help children understand and model kindness towards others.

Cheerios is on a mission to make the good go round. We believe in putting as much good into the world as possible. That’s why we created Right On Tracks, a series of songs lovingly made to help parents spark conversations with their children around kindness, inclusion, and empathy.

Here’s some behind-the-scenes footage from the production studio.

Sheet Music

via The Kid Should See This

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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