How Ridley Scott’s Films Capture Hopeful Order During Elegant Chaos

Actors Sigourney Weaver, Orlando Bloom and Geena Davis, along with screenwriter Simon Kinberg took a look at the marvelous history of Ridley Scott‘s films expressing how his singular vision captured hopeful order in a sea of elegant chaos taking place over far swaths of time, both in the far ahead future and in the distant past.

Sigourney Weaver, Orlando Bloom and Geena Davis reflect on the visionary Ridley Scott who has taken us from the ancient past to dystopian futures.

Sigourney Weaver Alien

The also talked about how Scott empowered the female roles in films such as Alien, Blade Runner, and Thelma and Louise.

He’s very attracted to female characters who are the captains of their own ship. “Alien” sets in motion the idea that you can have tough women at the center of big Hollywood spectacle films. “Alien” and “Blade Runner”,  just those two stand as.. two of the greatest science fiction movies of all time. …by having Louise kill the attacker not in self-defense but because of his sexist taunt… Scott’s Road movie becomes a vehicle for social commentary it’s almost like a feminist movement movie.

Ridley Scott
Genius of Ridley Scott