A Rick and Morty Box Shaped Coffee Mug With a Very Helpful Mr. Meeseeks Waiting Inside

Meeseeks Inside Mug

Inspired by the very accommodating Mr. Meeseeks from the sublime animated series Rick and Morty, ThinkGeek has created a molded square mug in the shape of the Meeseeks Box. When the box lid is removed, a Mr. Meeseeks is revealed, waiting inside to help.

..this mug comes with a removable lid – and inside there’s a little Mr. Meeseeks peeking out, waiting to complete a task! Existence is painful to Mr. Meeseeks, which we totally get. We also find existence painful when we haven’t had enough java. So let him hang out in his box and fill it with 20 oz. of your favorite caffeine sauce. Everybody wins!

Meeseeeks Mug

Here’s the original clip.

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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