A Young Richard Lewis Is Told He’s Most Suited for Manual Labor on a 1964 Episode of ‘Candid Camera’

A hilarious clip from a 1964 episode of Candid Camera shows a young Richard Lewis meeting with a guidance counselor, who told him that his records and tests revealed that he’d be best suited for a career in manual labor.

Well Richard, I’ve gone through your DAT and your other records in school. In fact we’ve been going through all the records in school for the past three and a half weeks now and uh i’ve come to the very definite and firm conclusion that you would be perfectly suited for manual labor.

Lewis first looked at the man in disbelief, repeated the term “manual labor” several times. He then turned to a friend to share his disbelief over the news.

Manual labor? I live in Brooklyn.

Thirty years after this prank, Lewis began working for the show and found himself on the other side of the table as the guidance counselor. He spoke with a number of kids, including a young woman who was informed that she was best suited for a career in the circus.

I’ve come to the firm conclusion that after you finish schooling here and after high school that it would be best for you to really consider and focus on a career in the circus…because most of your questions are related to tumbling and trampoline and stuff like that. Are there any…do you have any circus acts in your family? Any relatives run away with the circus?

Lewis Was a Close Friend of Larry David and an Integral Part of ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm’ for 24 Years

Sadly, Richard Lewis passed away on February 27, 2024, at the age of 76 due to a heart attack. Rest in peace, Richard. We’ll be missing you.

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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